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Ok, I’ve joined the 21st century.  Follow me on twitter:  @statgraphic

If I tweet, I must be a bird…  so here is a bird or a bird painting anyway.  A very early watercolor (very!).  You will not see this anywhere else.


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Tropic Bird


Tropic Bird

Acrylic on canvas board

This painting of a tropic bird is from a photograph taken in Bermuda.  Originally, the painting did not show the birds feet, because they were not visible in the original photograph.   I was happy.  But my wife asked “where are the feet?”   I showed her the original photo, she was not satisfied.  Hmm,  I found some other images of tropic birds on th internet.  Yes, there really are feet, and usually visible.  So, I added feet.

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Looking At You


Looking At You


This painting was done from a photo taken while kayaking at Burke Lake Park, in Fairfax, Va.  It was only when it was finished that I realized how intently he (she?) is watching us.  Hence the title.


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Upstate Sunset


Upstate Sunset, acrylic, 18″ x 24″

This is from a picture of a sunset taken at my Father’s farm in upstate NY.  Ive tried to paint this several times, … unsuccessfully.  First with watercolor, the next time with oil pastel.  But this time I am happy with it.


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Morning Calm


Morning Calm, Acrylic on canvas, 10″ x 30″

This painting was inspired by a photo taken from a hot air balloon, just after dawn, at Charlottesville, VAIt was panted background to foreground, with multiple ‘misty’ glazes over the more distant lines of hills.



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Amazon Reflection



Amazon Reflection, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas board

This is also based on a picture fromthe the trip to the Amazon.  The sky the water and the trees along the shore are acrylic, and then oil pastel for the cloud and the relections in the water.

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Blue Lady

Blue Lady

Blue Lady, acrylic and oil pastel

A don’t sit down a paint all that often.   But I do doodle in meetings, and for the last couple of years I’ve kept a sketch book and some pencils / pens next to the couch so I can doodle as I watch TV.  Most of the doodles are pretty uninteresting, but occasionally a picture emerges.   And some of them seem interesting.  So this painting was inspired by one of those doodles.  Here’s the sketch / doodle.


The painting is acrylic and oil pastel on a canvas board.

Update: 6 April 2013  Ok, I wasn’t completely happy with Blue Lady, so I tried again.  Here is Red Lady:



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Amazon Dusk


A dramatic sky with trees silhouetted against it.  Hmm, no actor here.  But I find skies to be a challenge. I’m reasonably happy with how this one turned out.  It was inspired by a photo taken on the Amazon River.

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Standing Watch


Standing Watch, acrylic on canvas

I’m forcing myself to use larger canvases.  This was from two pictures of a Amazon shoreline.  One picture had the interesting clouds, the other had the interesting reflections in the water.  Oh, and the ‘actor’ was from yet another picture.  It was common along the Amazon to see an egrets, and they were spaced out every 100 meters or so.

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Abstract Surprise


‘Illicit Acts’  Acrylic on canvas board

Most of may paintings are realistic landscapes, but for a challenge a year ago I did an abstract that turned out well enough that I’ve hung it, untitled, in the studio. I’ve had the studio only a few weeks, and it is been only open the few days  that I’ve actually been there.   Some people have come in to look around as I work.  Interestingly, all of them have focused on one painting to look at.  It is the abstract.   One guy studied it for several minutes, and said  “I’m not quite sure, but it seems that something indecent is happening there.”   Well, now it has a title!  And perhaps I should do some more based on the same technique.

It was done by dribbling liquid paint in a random pattern on a background, in two different colors, then distorting and swirling parts of them together with a pallet knife.

Update:  Another person today recognized immediately that it is an underwater scene.  “Can’t you see the diver?”

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