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Ed Wright


Studio:  1003, building 10, Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton, VA

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My first education is in traditional engineering and science.  Then after 30 years of doodling in meetings I took my first drawing class.  Another followed, then another, then a water color class, then more classes at the Art League School:  drawing, water color, portrait, figure drawing, figure painting, pastel, and acrylic painting.

It turns out that my traditional education is relevant to my art, in several ways:  First, a large part of engineering and science is about explaining the world though models.  Mathematical models that encapsulate the important essence of problems, that can be used to understand and ‘see’ the world.  A good model represents what is important and omits or abstracts away the complications that are not central to the problem.  Art is the same way, in that the artist must chose to represent that which is central to the vision, and omit or abstract away all of the extra or distracting complexities.   Second, a recurring theme in science and engineering is the need to clearly communicate with symbols and graphics.  This theme is very evident in the fields of cartographic map design, and statistical graphics, where in both cases much effort goes into the use of line, symbol, and graphic design elements to clearly communicate the ideas of the map, or of the data being displayed.   All of these same principles apply to the organization of a painting.   Finally, much of my traditional education is about the science of remote sensing, the collection and exploitation of color images from satellite sensors.  This includes the technologies required to work with additive color to understand the formation of images from the color spectrum and to convert to and work with subtractive color in order to print color images and maps.

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